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Not a bank

Easywallet.org does not aspire to be a Bitcoin bank and as such can only provide a medium level of security. Please do not store more than some spare change here.

Easywallet in web


Easywallet.org provides an API, making it easy to interface with the service. API calls return JSON-encoded data.

HTTP POST https://easywallet.org/api/v1/new_wallet

secret_keyOptional. Custom key for your wallet. Note: use sufficient entropy with your keys, avoid keys which are easy to guess.
payment_wallet_idOptional. If you hit the DDOS limits, you can create additional wallets for 0.01 USD/wallet (24h avg rate). You will be charged from the wallet id you supply.
Creates a new Easywallet.org.
Example response: {"successful": true, "wallet_id": "1CKAK7zU5NGUlY1n3PK0aw"}

HTTP GET https://easywallet.org/api/v1/w/<wallet_id>/address

Returns the Bitcoin address associated with this Easywallet.org.
Example response: {"successful": true, "address": "1PmggT9YKj4HL2iaUs8ukUSvvk3Q1xMv5G"}

HTTP GET https://easywallet.org.org/api/v1/w/<wallet_id>/balance

Returns the current balance of this Easywallet.org in Bitcoins (python decimal).
Example response: {"successful": true, "balance": 0.01}

HTTP GET https://easywallet.org.org/api/v1/w/<wallet_id>/balance_unconfirmed

Returns the current balance of this Easywallet.org in Bitcoins (python decimal). Also returns the unconfirmed balance.
Example response: {"successful": true, "balance": 0.01}

HTTP POST https://easywallet.org.org/api/v1/w/<wallet_id>/payment

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addressBitcoin address or email
amountamount in BTC (default) or specified currency
currencyOptional. defaults "BTC", can be "EUR", "USD" etc.
email_fromOptional. Email 'from' address.
email_msgOptional. Email additional msg.
email_languageOptional. Email language, only easywallet.org supported language codes allowed. Default 'en'
Initiates a payment.
Example response: {"successful": true, "message": "Sent 0.01 BTC to 14Z1mazY4HfysZyMaKudFr63EwHqQT2njz", "message_code": 0}
If an error occurred or the API is not available for some reason, the parameter "successful" will be false and a "message" as well as a "message_code" will be returned alongside.


Using the API is free, but there are some limitations: you can create only about 10 wallets per hour. If you hit that limit, you just need to supply additional payment_wallet_id as a parameter, and the API fee is deducted from it. Creating a new wallet costs 0.01 USD/wallet (24h avg rate). The cost is only deducted if you hit the ddos limit.