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Not a bank

Easywallet.org does not aspire to be a Bitcoin bank and as such can only provide a medium level of security. Please do not store more than some spare change here.

Bitcoin coupons with Easywallet.org

  • Can be nominated in any amount and in any currency
  • Conversion to bitcoins happens when coupons are redeemed, using the 24h bitcoin exchange rate
  • Perfect for selling bitcoins with cash: less exchange rate risk!
  • Great for vending machines!
  • Awesome way to introduce people to bitcoins.

Fee for redeeming a coupon is 0.9 percent of the coupon amount, and is taken from the seller wallet. If the coupon is deleted or is not redeemed, there are no fees.

Using coupons

Go to "Send payment" form. Just type "coupon" (without quotes) the address field, type amount and choose currency. Coupon will be created.

You can also create multiple coupons by typing "coupon [number]" (without quotes), for example "coupon 25", which creates 25 coupons.

To redeem a coupon, just visit the coupon web address. You can also redeem it with scanning the QR code, or with the form at the bottom of your wallet page.

It is very easy to automate the coupon creation using API: Easywallet.org-tools on github